Sulfur or Sulphur

Also known as:  Sulphur 

Note: This is NOT MSM or DMSO!

Benefits:  Antioxidant, Anti-Inflamatory, Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, Diabetes, Increased Energy

Recommended Usage:   Start with 3 capsules or 1 teaspoon of Sulfur per day. 

What is Sulfur ?

Sulfur is a basic element denoted by the symbol “S” with an atomic weight of 16.

Sulfur is a nutrient compound found in all living organisms that is absolutely vital for proper health, but most of us fail to get enough of it, even when trying to eat healthy.

Sulfur is the third most abundant mineral in the body, about half being concentrated in the muscles, skin and bones, and is essential for life.  Sulfur makes up vital amino acids used to create protein for cells, tissues, hormones, enzymes, and antibodies.

Our Sulfur is not been used as male enhancement or libido enhancement supplement.


Why Don’t We Get Enough Sulfur ?

In the days of small scale, decentralized, family-based agriculture, the majority of farmers would fertilize their crops with large amounts of animal manure.  The family cow offered milk, yogurt, and cheese, but she also was an essential part of maintaining the long term fertility of the soils used for growing crops.

The heavy application of animal manures, together with relatively healthy soils, meant that sulfur, as an element, was abundant in farming soils.  The more abundant the sulfur in the soil, the more sulfur that could be used by the plants that were grown there.

In today’s chemical dependent, industrial agriculture, the application of animal manures have been replaced by chemical fertilizers that don’t offer any sort of nutrients to the plant outside of the basic phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen that they need. The result has been that sulfur has been virtually eliminated from both the soil and the foods that eventually end up on our dinner table.

This combined with the growing use of process foods, which removes much of the sulfur from our natural foods, has led to a general overall deficiency of sulfur intake in most modern diets.



Basic Features of Sulfur:

Everyone will benefit greatly from using Pure Sulfur daily because it is a critically important mineral that cannot be made by our bodies and is needed in every cell for proper oxygenation and effective detoxification.  Pure Sulfur enables the transport of oxygen across cell membranes and is necessary for healthy cellular regeneration.  Pure Sulfur lets oxygen in by increasing the permeability of cell membranes, which also helps to remove toxins.


NOT to be confused with MSM or DMSO

which is only 20% to 35% sulfur. Many leading sellers insinuate and falsely claim their product is pure sulfur flake when it is honestly less than one third sulfur! MSM is: (CH3)2SO2. 

That means MSM is a complex chemical compound. It is called organic only because is has Carbon in it. The S in the middle of that formula is the one and only part that is pure sulfur.

Our product is pure "S" (Sulfur), not a chemical compound. Sulfur is noticeably yellow in its pure state, and has a distinct odor. MSM and DMSO contain impurities, and lots of them, which make them white. Note that "organic" has a completely different meaning when used in agriculture as opposed to chemistry. 

The Cellular Matrix Study:

Twelve years ago, researchers began the Cellular Matrix Study (referred to in the links below), the purpose of which is to evaluate the effects of sulfur on cell regeneration.  Patrick McGean, director of the study, had successfully used organic sulfur crystals to cure his son's terminal germ cell testicular cancer.

Since it started, the study has found that people from around the world have experienced similar incredible results from taking sulfur.  Diabetics have significantly lowered or even eliminated the need for taking insulin, people with high blood pressure no longer need medication, and people with osteoporosis have reversed their bone loss.



Top Benefits of Sulfur:


  • Increasing enzyme production within bodily glands and improving resistance to illness

  • Increasing flexibility in muscle tissue

  • Increasing blood circulation

  • Reducing muscle inflammation and promoting muscle healing

  • Promoting the healthy growth of hair and fingernails

  • Discouraging the growth of cancer cells through oxygenation

  • Reversing osteoporosis, Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease

  • Promoting healthy skin production and reducing wrinkles

  • Regulating insulin production

  • Improving colon function and eliminating colonic parasites



Why should you consider Sulfur on a regular basis ?

Sulfur is a part of some of the amino acids in your body and is involved in protein synthesis, as well as several enzyme reactions It helps with the production of collagen, which is a substance that forms connective tissues, cell structure and artery walls.  Additionally, it is a part of keratin, giving strength to hair, skin and nails.

Some of the primary benefits of the use of Sulfur are:



According to the University of Maryland, sulfur has been shown to be effective for osteoarthritis, rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis.  Sulfur baths or mud-soaks can help alleviate the painful swelling caused by arthritis.  Taking a sulfur bath at night can reduce stiffness you experience first thing in the morning.  Additionally, sulfur baths can improve walking ability and overall strength.  Applying a cream containing Sulfur may reduce pain in some types of arthritis.  Lastly, taking a supplement with Sulfur can reduce pain associated with arthritis, but it may have more beneficial effects when paired with glucosamine.



Alternative medical practitioners suggest that Sulfur helps treat chronic pain and a variety of inflammatory disorders, including rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, bursitis, tenosynovitis, tendinitis, and eye inflammation.  According to “Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database,” Sulfur is arguably most commonly used for the treatment of osteoarthritis, and multiple studies have found that 3 g of Sulfur, twice daily, can modestly reduce osteoarthritis-related pain and swelling and enhance joint function.  It should be noted, however, that some patients may not consider the modest benefit to be clinically significant..


 Alzheimer’s Disease

Analysis of the minerals present in the cells of the typical Alzheimer’s patient reveals that sulfur is almost nonexistent compared with a normal profile.

Some research has indicated that reversal of a serious sulfur deficiency state can prevent or halt progression of this horrible disease.  In addition, it may potentially reverse it provided the patient is still in the early stages where little brain damage has occurred.



One of the key benefits of sulfur is its antioxidant effects.  Many people take advantage of these effects to detoxify the body.  Sulfur is thought to be a powerful antioxidant because it encourages the body’s natural production of glutathione, which is one of the body’s most important antioxidants.


Insulin and Diabetes

Insulin controls carbohydrate metabolism, but insufficient sulfur makes it harder for the pancreas to produce enough insulin, and makes cells less able to absorb things from the blood, contributing to blood sugar problems.


Pain and Stiffness

Sulfur detoxifies at the cellular level.   Healthy cells can absorb adequate nutrients while releasing toxins and wastes.  Sulfur affects this by helping your body build strong breathable cell walls that properly balance cell pressure.  Having enough sulfur helps your body to remove toxins that may suffocate the cells, or swell them, causing pain, allergies, stiffness, and muscle soreness.


Increase Energy

Out of all the benefits listed here, this is the benefit backed by the least amount of science.  Some people take sulfur as a natural energy booster.  The idea is that sulfur will increase the permeability of the cell membrane, which means cells need less energy to expel toxins.  When cells can more easily expel toxins, it means they have more energy to digest food and turn that into physical and mental energy.

Ultimately, the benefits listed above are entirely unproven among humans:  there have been no reputable scientific reports or clinical tests involving humans and sulfur.  If you read a reference to some “groundbreaking” sulfur study, it was most likely performed on animals and not humans.


“Softens” the Arteries

Sulfur builds flexible cells in the arteries and veins - the opposite of "hardening of the arteries".  Elastic, "breathable" blood vessel tissues are able to pass oxygen and nutrients through their walls to nourish the rest of the body and handle the body's blood flow without stress.


Sulfur had been called “Nature’s Beauty Mineral”

Sulfur keeps your complexion clear and youthful and hair glossy and smooth.  Collagen production in your body depends on sulfur to create healthy skin and heal scars.  For example, sulfur improves acne by resolving scars, removing toxins from the skin and creating healthy new skin cells.  When you have enough sulfur in your body, your skin and hair are more flexible, softer, and smoother.


Anti-Parasitic Action

When parasites attach to someone's intestinal lining, they can live, reproduce and leach nutrients from the body indefinitely.  Sulfur blocks parasites by competing for receptor sites on the mucous membrane.  When parasites cannot attach themselves, they are simply flushed out of the system with the excess Sulfur.


Anti-Allergic Properties

Sulfur has an ability to bind to mucous membranes and form a natural block against allergens.  Another way Sulfur can alleviate allergies is through detoxification, elimination of free radicals, and improvement of cell permeability. Sulfur works as a safe histamine inhibitor, at least as well as the traditional antihistamines, without the negative side effects.


Accelerates Healing

Lactic acid and other byproducts cause pain and soreness in the body.  Sulfur increases the ability of the body to eliminate waste products at the cellular level.  This speeds recovery and frees up more energy for rebuilding.


Sulfur and Vitamin C

Your body uses Sulfur along with Vitamin C to create new, healthy cells and connective tissue.  Sulfur helps determine how flexible the bond is between the cells. An adequate supply of Sulfur and Vitamin C supports healthy cell regeneration.  As your new cells are created, Sulfur is incorporated into the bonds that make up cells walls.  The result is the creation of cell walls that are better able to absorb nutrients.


Topical Uses For Sulfur

Sulfur is used in pharmaceutical skin preparations for the treatment of acne and other conditions.  It acts as a keratolytic agent and also kills bacteria, fungi, scabies mites and other parasites.   Precipitated sulfur and colloidal sulfur are used, in form of lotions, creams, powders, soaps, and bath additives, for the treatment of acne vulgaris, acne rosacea, and seborrhoeic dermatitis.

Common adverse effects include irritation of the skin at the application site, such as dryness, stinging, itching and peeling.



Sulfur also offers these other possible benefits

  • Reduce swelling

  • Soften scar tissue

  • Lessen muscle spasms

  • Lessen pain in both acute and chronic cases

  • Increasing enzyme production within bodily glands and improving resistance to illness

  • Increasing flexibility in muscle tissue

  • Increasing blood circulation

  • Reducing muscle inflammation and promoting muscle healing

  • Promoting the healthy growth of hair and fingernails

  • Helps reverse osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease

  • Promoting healthy skin production and reducing wrinkles

  • Helps manage blood sugar

  • Improving colon function and eliminating colonic parasites

  • Cleansing or “detoxifying” effect on the cells within the body; allows the body to remove toxins that have accumulated in all types of cells, including fat cells

  • Increases enzyme production within the glands in the body, substantially increasing overall resistance to illness

  • Increases flexibility in the tissues within the body and increases blood circulation

  • Reduces muscle inflammation, promotes healing in the muscles and prevents them from becoming sore; dramatically decreases recovery time for athletes

  • Eliminates so-called “free radicals” in the body; allergies to pollens and certain foods can be reduced or eliminated by its use

  • Promotes healthy, increased growth of hair and fingernails

  • Improves health of people with osteoporosis, Alzheimer`s and Parkinson`s disease

  • Aids in healthy skin production and the reduction of “wrinkles”; OS is one of the main ingredients in moisturizing creams

  • Helps the body properly regulate insulin production

  • Helps people suffering with diverticulitis; parasites living in the colon are unable to remain attached to the colon walls on which OS forms a smooth, resistant coating; hatching worms, having nothing to grab on to, are flushed out

  • Helps people suffering with emphysema; provides the body with material to manufacture new, healthy cells, on lung walls

  • Causes the body to rapidly release alcohol “hangover” toxins, removing them as waste from the body; process happens far more rapidly than it takes to recover from a hangover, often as quickly as 20 minutes

  • Helps alleviate chronic headaches; increased circulation in the brain cells promotes proper blood circulation within the brain; less pressure and pain result, reducing tendencies for headaches

  • Reduces hypoglycemia in the body because it has made it easier for the body to introduce blood sugar through more permeable cell walls; less insulin is demanded for the process, resulting in less overuse of the pancreas

  • Helps reduce PMS; glandular production is enhanced by OS to have more “normal” levels of production; acid levels, enzyme levels and hormonal levels are more evenly balanced with OS; cramps, headaches and nausea from the monthly cycle can be reduced or eliminated through its use

  • Helps kidneys function more efficiently; water retention problems due to bad kidney function can be alleviated

  • Helps alleviate eye problems; dissolve 1 teaspoon of sulfur crystals in 4 ounces of water and use as eye drops as frequently as you like



Instructions for use: Start with 3 capsules or 1 teaspoon of Sulfur per day. 

Allergies: Suitable for vegetarians and contains no yeast, dairy, egg, gluten, corn, soy or wheat. Contains no sugar, starch, salt, preservatives, or artificial color, flavor or fragrance.


Toxicity:  Sulfur is non-toxic to the human body since is a natural, biologic element in nature. As with anything, you need to know how much sulfur is needed by your body, and too much of any good thing can cause problems.

Side effects may include allergic reactions, such as skin rashes, itching, hives, or swelling of the face, lips, or tongue.  Some people may also experience redness, blistering, peeling, or loosening of the skin, including inside the mouth.

Furthermore, in most cases sulfur can be taken with any other medication that you may be taking as this can help to synergistically improve the effects of the medication.  However, you should consult with your doctor first before adding anything to your diet when on prescription medication.


Warning: If you are pregnant, may become pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking any prescription drug, consult your health care professional before using this product.



Links to various abstracts/studies regarding Sulfur:


The Live Blood and Cellular Matrix Study

The use of MSM (sulfur) for Arthritis – Arthritis Research UK

Anti-Oxidant Activity of Sulfur and Selenium – 2009 Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics

Antioxidant Effects of Sulfur-containing Amino Acids – 2004 Yonsei Medical Journal