Also known as:  Garcinia Mangostana, Mangosteen Pericarp Powder, Mangkhut (Thai), The Queen of Fruits

Benefits:  Antioxidant, Immune Support, Anti-Inflamatory, Anti-Cancer, Anti-Aging

Recommended Usage:  250 mg. per 100 lb. / 45 kg. of body weight per day.

What is Mangosteen ?


The purple mangosteen is a fruit native to Southeast Asia and Oceania, and is traditionally used in some Asian folk medicines. It first became popular in Britain, in the mid-1850s. Because of the mangosteen's unique, sweet flavor and fragrant aroma, many consider it the tastiest fruit in the world.

Our natural product is derived from the rind (or pericarp or peel) of the Mangosteen fruit.

Mangosteen is not been used as male enhancement or libido enhancement product.

Antioxidant and Immune Support

Mangosteen has long been used in Asia for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties and has been effectively used for treatment of various skin conditions as well as a traditional tonic for fatigue and low energy.  More recently, many studies have found Mangosteen to be effective in reducing varioius forms of cancers, reducing risk of heart attacks, preventing or controlling diabetes, and a wide range of other beneficial effects.

The rind of the Mangosteen contains higher concentrations and varieties of xanthones than any other organic plant in nature

Fourty distinct xanthones have been identified in Mangosteen pericarp (rind) powder. Researchers have demonstrated their positive effect on cardiovascular health; and their antiviral, antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory properties in addition to their being a powerful antioxidant. 


Top Benefits of Mangosteen Powder:


  •  Anti-Cancer

  • Strengthen Immune System

  • Diabetes – Helps Control Blood Sugar

  • Prevents Constipation

  • Control of Cholestrol Levels

  • Maintain Healthy Heart

  • Prevent  Stroke

  • Detoxification

  • Maintain Stamina and Fitness


To get a short and nice very good readable overview of  "12 Ways the Mangosteen Assists in Maintaining a Healthy System", published by Kate from BeHealthy, click on the link below:

Why should  you consider Mangosteen Pericarp on a regular basis ?

Ancient Remedies through to modern medical studies have illustrated the many health benefits of Mangosteen Pericarp. A summary of some of the more prevalent benefits of Mangosteen Pericarp are:

1. Prevents Cancer

Mangosteen skin is advised to be consumed by people who are susceptible to cancers, or those who already have cancers. The high antioxidants in mangosteen peel is very important to fight free radicals causing cancers. Moreover, xanthone, the antioxidant contained in mangosteen peel, can prevent proliferation of cancer cells. This greatly helps the healing process of cancer. But, please be aware that mangosteen pericap cannot kill cancer cells totally. Cancer patients still have to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and mangosteen peel is used as food supplement.


2. Boosts Immune System

Mangosteen pericarp contains vitamin C which has important role of maintaining immune system. Vitamin C activates immune system any time our body meets infectious agents, so we will not get sick easily. Mangosteen peel is also good to be consumed by sick people. One of health benefits of Mangosteen skin is to accelerate healing process.

Mangosteen peel also has anti-microbial properties which are very effective against Staphylococcus aureus. This makes Mangosteen pericarp good to be consumed by people with low immunity, such as tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS patients.


3. Diabetes - Controls Blood Sugar

Mangosteen pericarp has very little calories. This makes Mangosteen pericarp very safe for diabetic people. Mangosteen pericarp also contains fiber which helps keep blood sugar in normal level, by binding with excessive sugar in the intestines and preventing it to be absorbed into blood. But please remember that to get the best result of controlling diabetes, we must keep healthy life, such as eating healthy foods and regular physical activities.

4. Prevents Constipation

The fiber in Mangosteen pericarp helps prevent constipation. The fiber gives more mass to the stool, and it also absorb water from outside of the colon, making the stool softer and easier to be excreted.

5. Controls Cholesterol Level

Fiber in Mangosteen peel has the ability of increasing good cholesterol (HDL) and reducing bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglyceride. The fiber binds with LDL and triglyceride in the intestines, preventing them to be absorbed into blood. The antioxidants contained in Mangosteen peel binds with the LDL and triglycerides in the blood and accelates them to be processed into bile acid, which later would be eliminated from the body. Accumulation of LDL and trigycerides in the body can cause atherosclerosis, which can lead to various complications.


6. Maintains Healthy Heart

With the ability of controlling cholesterol level, Mangosteen has health benefits of maintaining a healthy heart. With balanced cholesterol level, we can prevent plaque-forming on blood vessel inner walls, thus preventing atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is known to cause many cardiovascular diseases, such as hypertension, stroke, and heart attack.

Moreover, Mangosteen peel also has cardio-protector properties which can prevent some heart diseases, such as rheumatic heart disease and sudden death of heart muscles cells.

7. Prevents Stroke

Mangosteen pericarp has the health benefit of preventing stroke because it can prevent atherosclerosis. The antioxidants contained in Mangosteen pericarp can maintain elasticity of blood vessels, preventing it from early atherosclerosis which could result in stroke and other thrombosis-related diseases.

8. Detoxification

Antioxidants in Mangosteen peel can bind with toxins and chemical compounds which get into the body via air pollution, smoke, contaminated foods and various radiations. These dangerous substances may later be eliminated from the body by urine.

If those substances get into intestines, antioxidants in Mangosteen peel will protect the intestines mucous layers so the mucous layer would not come into contact directly with the toxins, thus helping to prevent the formation of colon cancer.


9. Maintains Healthy Eyes

Mangosteen pericarp also contains vitamin A, which is very good for vision health. Vitamin A can protect retina and sharpen vision, and helps to prevent xerophtalmia (lack of vision in dim / dark light).

10. Maintains Density of Bones

One of health benefits of Mangosteen pericarp is in maintaining the density of bones, due to its calcium content. Calcium is important to maintain healthy bones and prevents osteoporosis. If Mangosteen pericarp is consumed by children and teenagers, it can support optimal bone growth, making the children grow taller with strong bones.


11. Maintains Stamina and Body Fitness

Other than vitamin C, Mangosteen pericarp also contains vitamin B Complex which can maintain stamina and boost body fitness. Vitamin B is important for metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fat. These substances would later be converted into energy which is important for doing everyday activities and the metabolism of other body organs.

Vitamin B also boosts neural system coordination so the body can function optimally.

Mangosteen Peel for Beauty Treatments


12. Anti-Aging

High antioxidants in Mangosteen peel is very useful to prevent early aging. The antioxidants eliminate dead cells and promotes regeneration process of new cells. We can see this effect clearly in our skin. Taking Mangosteen extracts or juice at least for 1 week can reduce wrinkles of the skin and help to slow other effects of aging.


13. Brightens Skin

Vitamin C in Mangosteen pericarp can brighten dull and oily skin. Vitamin C is already proven in many studies to make skin brightener.

Moreover, vitamin C promotes collagen forming, which is needed to maintain firm and youthful skin.

14. Reduces Pimples and Acne

Mangosteen pericarp has anti-inflammation properties which can help reduce inflamed acne and pimples, and prevent the forming of new acne blemishes. Mangosteen skin also has anti-microbial agent which can inhibit the growth of acne-causing bacteria.

To get this health benefit of Mangosteen skin, one can combine the powder with a cream or liquid, to use as a face mask. One also can drink mangosteen skin juice or extracts to maximize the effect.

Instructions for use:  We recommend 250 mg. per 100 lb. / 45 kg. of body weight per day.


Allergies: Suitable for vegetarians and contains no yeast, dairy, egg, gluten, corn, soy or wheat. Contains no sugar, starch, salt, preservatives, or artificial color, flavor or fragrance.


Toxicity:  Use cautiously in patients using chemotherapeutic agents, as mangosteen may interact with chemotherapeutic agents (i.e., anthracyclines, platinum compounds, and alkylating agents) whose mechanism of action involves oxidation.


Warning: If you are pregnant, may become pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking any prescription drug, consult your health care professional before using this product.



Nutritional Value of Mangosteen Peel

The nutritional value of 100 grams of mangosteen pericarp is shown below:










                                      0,7 %

Daily Value is based on 2000 Calories diet. You may need more or less calories according to your age, gender, health status, and your daily activities.


Mangosteen contains the following phytochemicals: 
• catechins, 
• rosin, 
• mangostin, 
• normangostin, 
• xanthones, 
• gartanin

The Purple Mangosteen Pericarp offers these and other possible benefits

1. Strengthen the immune system.
2. Heal the inflammation.
3. Improving communication between cells.
4. DNA damage fail.
5. Tool of the lymph system.
6. Maintains optimal thyroid function.
7. Reduce insulin resistance.
8. Help with weight loss.
9. Heal nerve damage.
10. Balances the endocrine system.
11. The tools of the synergy of the body.
12. Relieve hemorrhoids.
13. Help lower blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia).
14. Kemerah-merahan/bersisik alleviate skin disease (psoriasis).
15. Help heal wounds.
16. Relieve pain from carpal tunnel syndrome (a disease that occurs in the wrist and fingers caused by pressure that often occurs in the section. And usually are caused by too frequent use of keyboard and mouse).
17. Removes dry scaly skin disease chronic (neurodermatitis). The anti-inflammatory properties of mangosteen can reduce the scales and itchy skin disease.
gastrointestinal smooth
18. Help treat GERD (chronic disease characterized by the flow of stomach acid into the esophagus).
19. Helps heal ulcers / sores.
20. Relieve irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
21. Help stop diarrhea.
22. Can ease the inflammation of the small or large intestine known as Crohn `s disease.
23. One can prevent inflammatory bowel disease (diverticulitis).


Heart Health
24. Help prevent heart disease.
25. Strengthen blood vessels.
26. Lowering LDL cholesterol.
27. Lowering high blood pressure.
28. Helps prevent arteriosclerosis.
29. Increase energy, enhance the excitement and increase stamina.
30. Slow the aging process.
31. Help prevent deterioration of the brain disease (dementia and Alzheimer `s).
32. Help prevent kidney stones.
33. Help prevent nervous system diseases (Parkinson's).
34. Relieve pain from arthritis.
35. Repairing the damage from the use of painkillers (NSAIDs).
36. Aids to the eye.
37. Reduce fever.
38. Overcome food poisoning.
39. Heal the wounds of the throat.
40. Help heal canker sores.
41. Fights bad breath.
42. Help reduce the migrants (the headaches).
43. Reduce the toothache.
44. Natural sleep aids.
45. Improved ability to cope with stess.
46. Improve mood and reduce depression.
47. Aids muscles and joints.
48. Get rid of acne and the defects of the skin.
49. Eliminating the bite marks, burns and poisoning.
50. Relieve sprains, muscle and joint tension.
51. Relieve abdominal pain.
52. Relieve laryngitis (bronchitis), emphysema (emphysema), and inflammation of the lungs (pneumonia).
53. Working as painkillers tightness / congestion in the nose (decongestant).


Men's Health
54. Help prevent infertility.
55. Help prevent prostate enlargement.


Women's Health
56. Relieve urinary difficulties.
57. As a gentle laxative.
58. Minimize symptoms of pain before menstruation (PMS).
59. Relieve the symptoms of menopause.
60. Decrease swelling during menstruation.
61. Meringkan pain in muscles, ligaments, or tendons (fibromyalgia).
62. Relieve pain from the disease decreased bone density / calcification of the bones (osteoporosis).

Children's Health
63. Help meringkan asthma.
64. Could prevent the disorder and attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) and food allergies.
65. Form teeth and bones stronger.


Overcoming Disease
66. Prevent gum disease.
67. Eradicate tuberculosis.
68. Decrease the side effects of lactose intolerance.
69. Helps prevent dysentery.
70. Help prevent central nervous system diseases (multiple sclerosis).
71. Can prevent cancer.
72. Alleviate the chronic inflammatory disease (chronic inflammation) that attacks the spinal structures and especially of the hip joint (Ankylosing Spondylitis).
73. Help prevent lung infections and chronic respiratory (cyctic fibrosis).
74. Prevent symptoms associated with lupus disease.
75. Reduce severe muscle weakness disease (Myasthenia Gravis)

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