Our  Astragalus  Products

Also known as:  Astragalus membranaceus, Astragalus membranaceus, Milkvech, Locoweed, Goat’s-Thorn,

Astragalus is a plant within the Leguminosae (beans or legumes) family, with a very long history as an immune system booster and disease fighter. Its roots are in Traditional Chinese Medicine, in which it’s been used as an adaptogen for thousands of years — meaning it helps the body fight off stress and disease. Today, Astragalus medicinal healing and treatment uses span many different illnesses and diseases.

Astragalus is not used as a libido enhancement or male enhancement herb.

Top Benefits of Astragalus:

  • Immune System

  • Cardiovascular Protection

  • Anti-Inflammatory

  • Anti-Cancer

  • Prevents Diabetes

  • Anti-Aging

  • Colds and Flu

  • Asthma

Astragalus Tea

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